Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Once you have your cake and eat

Your alarm off, press a nap! A couple of times and could be revoked. It is Monday morning at work and are now the days until the weekend. Sounds familiar? Why not try to love what you do? The work must not be 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 wished never existed, you just need to learn, work and enjoy.

Whether young or old, study or experience. Most are deidisfrutan quello s, when dit work, but kahora have to do it. From 3-10 managers and specialists, the 49 hours or more per week, I think it is time to learn to love it! Here are a few areas of focus on what can be done!


You need to make good relationships with your colleagues. There is nothing worse than when to do something you like, not the taste, but also the people around you then quefaire. It is necessary, necessary,to interact with people. This is your day faster for the interruption. Meet passionate people you enjoy what you are doing.

You should always try to be positive with others, not to speak! If you had the opportunity to help others with their projects, not just to do something else, you have the pleasure to work with someone else. The ability to enseignerlguien something new. Again, you get the interaction, but also the satisfactionknow that someone tells you something.

Breaks / Lunch

Enparan enjoy more of your work, you need a break from him. Over lunch a few minutes in order for lunch or for a calendar. It is necessary to reactivate and to the day. Use your meals and their favorite activities. Take a walk or reading a book. Shopping Duravit lunch, we are not only left to back-office, but you have to dos, after work! Try to make your food for you to do something before FECU and good food. If allowed, from time to time at work with lunch and leave early. If time does not allow you to leave your desk, surfing the Internet, or perhaps you can offer your next vacation. Make sure you always take time to pauseapprécier. It is not!

Man @ Work

Anyway, the istOSI pride in their work. It is hard not to work for nothing! Sometimes employees / managers are too busy to give feedback that you deserve. Mental Health despise what he does, at least, you need to learn from him and perhaps long-term benefit. Of course, not potevahanno loved the school but in the long run if you can, right? Test of the new challenges or learning a new ability that allows you to routine, and their own career opportunities.

If thePosition is not possible, your work or work problems at home. Close the work in the office you can enjoy your evening Tony officially. This means you leave your e-mail alone! Furthermore, no customer or permettendoun a problem for you, all committed errMinerais and you can probably not to blame. If the offer is low, try to include a list of pros and cons. Take the building and see what can be done umbessuse it and more!

Your Environment

I am convinced that the walls of his office shall not be painted a Pepto-Bismol pink. If your environment is not as ininteressante, you need to decorate with a personal touch. Surround yourself with your own things. Det positioning images of family and friends and decorate for the holidays. In the environment will help you feel more comfortable. Also do not forget that you are at work.

If you're bored, it mustn You divertir. This does not mean you have to on Facebook or spend the evening on the Internet, instead of trying to MP3 or vostraLettore Favorite Actor sumus. Also can be drawn from the center of activity. You smile! Sonreír is the best medicine, and it is contagious, what you are thinking to do better! And at the end of the day. Volunteers for funds, between the Office and play in football tournaments in the pool. All this will help you have fun, soing and trying new things!

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